Workplace Consultancy

When you’re planning your work spaces, how much attention are you paying to the lighting, the layout, levels of comfort and breakout spaces?

Considering your working environment can have a dramatic impact on productivity and wellbeing. From university lecture rooms to corporate offices; designing a different environment can take spaces from bland to brilliant.

Our workplace consultancy allows you to focus on these details, designed to get the most out of your staff, students and anyone else who steps inside your workplace.

/  Designing your workplace – from initial drawings & scope to procurement & logistics, our workplace consultancy will guide you through the best options.
/  Attention to detail – we’ll listen to you & the people who use your space, to determine what you need to get the best fit for your design.
/  Advice – you’ll get advice on levels of lighting, the right fixtures and fittings, equipment and we'll work collaboratively with your consultants and designers to ensure the right result is achieved.
/  Management of site logistics – control over work schedules, suppliers & contractors to keep work on-track & completed on-time.
/  Cost planning – complete control of your budget.
/  FFE peace of mind – any responsibility for fixtures, fittings or equipment will be clearly defined & assigned correctly.


Bringing the best out of your workplace consultancy

If you need help getting the most out of your workplace, then we’ll help you to create spaces that are conducive to creativity, nurturing the people that work in them and powering-up your productivity.

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