Construction Management

Managing construction can be a complex process with many overlapping work streams that can have a negative impact on one another. A delay on one, can cause a delay in another, which can lead to spiralling costs and lack of control.

Our construction management service breaks down all the elements involved so that the construction process is transparent and collaborative; you can have as little or as much involvement as you like. If we see a problem, we’ll find a solution so that nothing skips a beat giving you a smooth construction process from start to finish.

/  Trusted supply chain – we invest in finding quality suppliers that we can trust to deliver your project.
/  Increased certainty – because we’re involved at the very beginning, we can accurately predict construction costs, time schedules & maintain the quality of construction for the duration of the build.
/  Reduced risk – by using us, you know that any changes to your plans will be incorporated & absorbed into your established budget, with fewer delays & cost implications.
/  Concise construction management programme – no slipping schedules or costly delays. We implement robust systems to make sure schedules, budgets, work streams, procurement & deadlines are all met.
/  Day-to-day management – you won’t have to concentrate on the details. We oversee the day-to-day site management alongside everything else.
/  Financial management - daily and weekly briefings on your financial plans, updated and monitored continuously alongside robust reporting.
/  Compliance – we take on responsibility for fulfilling Construction (Design & Management) & Health & Safety regulations.


Taking full control of construction

With our strong background in construction management we cancontrol every part of your construction process.

This allows you to step back with confidence, knowing that your construction requirements are being met and you have a collaborative partner that delivers your brief.

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